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Martinus Publishing is a small press specializing in Science Fiction & Fantasy, and uncanny stories in-between. We seek to discover and promote up-and-coming authors, and produce quality literature from today's best genre writers. Visit us often as we venture forth on our literary journey!

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New & Upcoming Releases:

Martinus Publishing's Author Spotlight Series!
A series of single-author e-book collections, Martinus Publishing's new Author Spotlight series will feature some of MP's favorite writers, including a mix of brand new and reprinted tales. Get some of the best short stories from select authors, and keep an eye out for future installments.

Author Spotlight Series #1:
Escapist Garbage
-by Martin T. Ingham
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Featuring 7 tantalizing tales of science fiction and fantasy:

1: The Long Hunt
Prisoner of war Warren Caruso plays a deadly game of cat and mouse with alien captors who wish to train themselves against human prey.

2: The Killing of Yesterday
A murderer preys upon the past, and Temporal Agent Jack Baker must uncover his identity before the future is rewritten forever.

3: A Bridge Too Near (Read It Here)
What fame awaits the legendary hero who slays the notorious troll of Bannocksburg bridge?

4: Vendetta's End
Pirates of an alien sea seek the ultimate prize, a cyborg's head, and with it a means to escape to the stars!

5: A Dwarf at High Noon
The introduction to Martin T. Ingham's "West of the Warlock" book series, dwarven gunslinger Boron "Ron" Grimes comes to the wild west town of Selwood, Nevada, in search of the half-elf who murdered his brother. His only obstacle to avenging his kin lies in the form of the local sheriff, James Doliber, a certified Warlock with a mandate to uphold law and order, while seeking justice all the same.

6: .405
From Martin T. Ingham's "Rogue Investigations" book, John Rage receives a clue to his heritage that leads him to the remote town of Icewater Springs, Alaska. Paired with his recent investigative partner, Amanda Alfaro, Rage will uncover a mystery beyond imagining frozen in the Arctic ice, and learning the truth about his grandfather will threaten to make him a permanent resident of the glacier!

7: Where Once My Heart Has Traveled
Max Colwell wakes up one morning to find himself on an alien world, in a refugee camp populated with human beings from a wide span of Earth's history... and it's future. Yet, what is the meaning of this strange collection of humanity, and what does it portend?

Author Spotlight Series #2:
Our Heroes Through Tomorrow -by Dan Gainor
Pre-Order Here Right Now!

Heroes are the people we all dream of being. Whether it’s a teenaged boy in West Texas caught in a war, a billionaire intent on saving the spirit of his nation or a starship captain hundreds of light years from earth, they all want to be the best people they can.

This book is dedicated to those who have to make those monumental choices and perhaps the ultimate sacrifice. Nationally recognized media critic and writer Dan Gainor has woven tales of alternate history, time travel, aliens, zombies, space epics and war into a collection any lover of classic sci-fi should love.

Enjoy six scintillating stories from a modern master of speculative fiction:

1: Unintended Consequences
In a future where nuclear weapons no longer function, conventional warfare rears its ugly head as America becomes the target of a hostile invasion, and a young computer wiz finds himself in the thick of the fight.

~Read the beginning of this story for free!~

2: We The People
A billionaire rancher seeks to rekindle the spirit of America... by cloning the Founding Fathers!

3: Soul Tracker
A science-fiction epic of alien worlds, conjoined souls, and one man's quest to become the ultimate warrior.

4: Original Sin
College students set out on a quest to prove that time travel is possible, only to find themselves stranded in an all too familiar past, with a crucial decision to make about altering fate.

5: Just Desserts
Aliens seek to neutralize the "human threat" through a virus that makes "zombies" all too real... only, what will be the true consequence of this bio-warfare?

6: Drawing A Line
In a future where humanity is conquered and fragmented amidst the stars, the last soldiers must hold the line between warrior and pirate as they struggle to fight for freedom and survival.

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We Were Heroes
A Super-Powered Anthology

Released February 29, 2016

What happens when superheroes get old? Do they take it with grace, or do they rage against the dying of the light? Do they get crotchety or start waxing poetically of the good old days? Do they ever beat their lifelong nemesis, or do they continue to duke it out in the nursing home? These are questions We Were Heroes dares to explore!

We Were Heroes is a collection all about super-powered individuals in their waning years. Retired crime-fighters with special talents and technology, crusading vigilantes who find their bodies failing, and old warriors passing the torch to the next generation; this anthology will show us what life is like for these people as they get old. Go beyond their heyday, and see what these legendary heroes will become.

Learn about the contributing authors and their stories with our INTERVIEW SERIES at the Editor's blog.

Featuring the following stories:
Faded Instincts -by Chris Allinotte
The Absence of Heat -by Karl G. Rich Read It Here!
Return of the Star Squad –by John Grey
Doctor Genocide and the Five Stages of Grief –by J.M. Perkins
Mr. Cuddles –by Bruno Lombardi
Her Game –by John Vicary
The Deadly Duo –by T.L. Barrett
Everything Breaks Down, Even The Jackhammer -by T. Mike McCurley
The Exile –by Gary Budgen
Where We End Up –by Robin Brown
To Fight The Unbeatable –by Wayland Smith
Night Terror –by Frank Byrns
Forgotten But Not Gone –by T. Mike McCurley
In the Shadow of the Greatest Superhero Who Ever Lived –by Tzipur Sheker
Dial "C" For Consultant –by Doug Lane
Poetic Justice -by Edmund Wells
Woman, Thy Name Is Hell –by Edmund Wells
A Helping Hand -by Dan Gainor
Cover art by Yakir Ben Haim

Get Your Copy Today!
$12.00 with free shipping in the USA!
Kindle Version

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The Temporal Element II
More Amazing Time Travel Adventures!

Released September 30, 2015

The secret of time travel continues to elude the brightest minds of our time, yet the dream of traversing the natural boundaries of linear existence persists. Tales of these fantastic adventures continue to stir the imagination, and propel us into different realms, of the past as it once was, or the future as it could be. What sort of mayhem could a time traveler inflict upon history... or the world beyond tomorrow?

The Temporal Element II brings us more thrilling tales of time travel adventure, of people from various time periods visiting their past, or their future, in various ways. Where will they come from, and who will they be?

Order Your Print Copy Today:

$12 with shipping included in the USA

Kindle Version:

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Featuring the following stories:
1: The Fermi Paradox as Applied to the Question of Time Travel –by Michael Kellar
2: Original Sin –by Dan Gainor
3: This Will Change Your Life –by Lauren A. Forry
4: My Melanie –by Alex J. Stevens
5: Once More Unto The Breech –by Bruno Lombardi
6: Change of Life –by Diane Arrelle
7: Ensuring Lincoln's Death –by Jeff Provine
8: Desert Night –by Nina Longfield
9: Timandra –by Mark Olivares
10: Run, Ike, Run –by Rocky Hutson
11: Scream Quietly –by Sheila Crosby
12: The Arc –by Joe Adams
13: The Gate of Clouds –by Mark F. Bailey
14: Van Winkle's Troll –by SMNilsen
15: Schrodinger's Cat's Time Machine –by Kent Swarts
16: Strange Land –by Benjamin Cooper
17: One Hallowe'en –by DJ Tyrer
18: Unintended Consequences –by Michael Siciliano
19: Sixth Planet-by Martin T. Ingham

Cover art by Anastasia Karasyova.

A Space Pirate Anthology

Ahoy, matey! Space be a realm of riches, just waiting to be plundered! There be rights and wrongs to be righted and wronged, and thems that sail the skies of tomorrow waving the jolly roger (or some alien equivalent). Yarr be full of tales of these space buccaneers, outlaw souls who roam the spaceways seeking wealth, blood, and freedom in many forms... and lusty pirate wenches! Be readin' ye these tales to thrill and chill, lest ye be forced to walk the star-plank!

Now Available!
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$12 +Free Shipping in the USA.

Kindle Edition
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Featuring 17 excellent space adventures!

1: La Belle Dame Sans Merci –by Nye Joell Hardy
2: Drawing A Line –by Dan Gainor
3: Impunity –by Sophie Duncum & William Rade
4: Space Pigs –by Katie Tillwick
5: X Marks the Planet –by DJ Tyrer
6: Back from the Dead Red –by Lizz-Ayn Shaarawi
7: Demise of the Star Queen –by Frank Sawielijew
8: Milt's Last Raid –by Jordan Legg
9: When The Devil Drives –by Vincent Morgan
10: Vendetta's End –by Martin T. Ingham
11: Dusties –by Jeff Provine
12: The Daring Spacers –by Sergio Palumbo
13: Far, Far from Now –by Curtis James McConnell
14: The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter –by Mary Pletsch
15: Dear Madeline –by Joseph Conat
16: The Harrowing Account of the Untimely Death of Bandit McGee, Space Thief Extraordinaire –by Fable Vayne
17: For the Times They Are A-Changin' –By Bruno Lombardi

Cover art by Tito Miranda.

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