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Author Spotlight Series!:
#1: Escapist Garbage -by Martin T. Ingham
#2: Our Heroes Through Tomorrow -by Dan Gainor

Snake Oil -by Bruno Lombardi
West of the Warlock -by Martin T. Ingham
The Curse of Selwood (A West of the Warlock Novel) -by Martin T. Ingham
The Man Who Shot Thomas Edison (A West of the Warlock Novel) -by Martin T. Ingham

Altered America
Altered Europa
The Best of Martinus Publishing 2013
Forbidden! (NEW)
The Temporal Element
The Temporal Element II
We Were Heroes
Yarr! A Space Pirate Anthology

Life of the Dead
Quests, Curses, & Vengeance
To Hell With Dante
Veterans of the Future Wars


Tales of Repression, Restriction, and Rebellion

Release date: December 18, 2019

Throughout recorded history, there have been rules and regulations, customs and traditions. Some have been libertine while others oppressive; the morally strict and the sinfully decadent. There have always been those who impose the law, and those who reject it. Wherever there is civilization, there are things that are Forbidden!

Forbidden is an anthology about that which is disallowed, whether it be the law or custom of a society, a particular group, or even just a single individual. Stories that illustrate the sense or insanity of that which is disallowed, all with an eye on adventure, world-building, and thought-provoking entertainment!

From the distant past to the far future, explore 17 stories of individuals inventing, partaking in, or resisting that which is Forbidden!

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Featuring the following stories:

Red Raven –by Karl G. Rich
A tale of ancient spirits and forbidden love.

The Enemy Within –by KA Masters
At the fall of Troy, a goddess uses forbidden power to give a dead soldier a second chance to serve...

Duty –by William Rade
Trade on the high seas can cost a fortune, whether in taxes or blood.

Ultra Red –by Sam Kepfield
A murderer is killing young women during the Nixon era, and a forbidden government program may be responsible.

A Devil of a Deal –By Stephen A. Fox
A lawyer is asked to sue Satan, yet how does one trick the ultimate trickster?

The Wind –By James Dorr
His daughter's death was due to an "act of God." But didn't that mean God was to blame?

The Violation –by Charles Joseph Albert
Technologically, it's not that hard for an Earth physicist to transcend space-time... the trick is to get past the 7th Council.

Progress –by G. Lloyd Helm
When paper becomes exceedingly rare, books become forbidden relics.

Fetuscam –by James Dorr
In a not-distant future, abortion has finally been made a crime equivalent to murder, and the police even have a special unit to entrap offenders.

Suicide Job –by Wendy Dranfield
It may be illegal to take your own life, but not if the Government helps you.

Radical Normal –by Ira Nayman
In a post-singular world where anything is possible, being normal may be the most radical act of all.

Outnumbered –by Frank Roger
In a world where numbers are forbidden, terror comes in the form of numerical grafitti.

Zack's Rescue –by Kevin Stadt
Long after the fall of civilization, a man who can't die struggles to give himself permission to live.

Haven –by Anthony Engebretson
In a society where loudness is prohibited, silence can be deafening.

Border Skirmish –by Dave D'Alessio
When the Hhoozbk fleet reached Terran space, they were told they could not enter it armed... it was forbidden. The Hhoozbk took that as a challenge...

Neither Do They Spin –by William RD Wood
In some dark corners of the universe, even our very lives are Forbidden!

The Patriot Awakened –By Martin T. Ingham
In a primitive future where knowledge and literature are forbidden, Noah is content to be a loyal serf to his feudal masters... until Sergeant Davis shows him the spirit of rebellion.

Altered Europa
An Alternate History Anthology

Behold History the way it wasn't!

Explore the age-old question, “What-if,” with 21 tales of alternate history!

What if Rome had never fallen?
What if the Soviet Union sent a man to Mars?
What if the Austrian Empire reigned supreme?
What if Ireland had fought for their independence in the 1860’s?
What if World War III had struck in the 1980’s?

These and many more scenarios are explored in Altered Europa

Released April 2, 2017!
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Kindle Version

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Featuring the following stories:

1: The Public Execution of Winston Churchill —by William Rade
A condemned leader of the defeated Allies prepares for his sentence to be carried out.

2: Foundation and Evil Empire –by Sam Kepfield
If Isaac Asimov had lived behind the Iron Curtain, how would the Soviet Union have reacted to his literature?

3: Fenians –by Dan Gainor
An American general seeks to incite an Irish revolution in 1866.

4: The Twenty Year Reich –by Dave D'Alessio
Der Fuhrer is dead, and Hitler's Germany, conqueror of Europe, answers the only way it knows how.

5: N'oublions Jamais –by Bruno Lombardi & Tom Anderson
How horrible would the Battle of the Somme have been with differing alliances?

6: A Damn Foolish Thing –by Cyrus P. Underwood
How would the world look today if Germany had won the Great War?

7: The Great Bear –by Alex Shalenko
As the echoes of America's 1969 Moon landing reverberate behind the Iron Curtain, the Soviet Union prepares a most ambitious plan to go one step further...

8: Verum Fidei –by Charles Wilcox
As the Ottomans lay seige to Malta, a young knight is plagued with troubling moral dilemmas.

9: The Fourth Pandemic –by Tim Moshier
In 1940, a crippling plague strikes the Soviet Union, with lasting repercussions.

10: A.E.I.O.U. –by Dr. Tom Anderson
What would it mean for Austria and the world if Frederick the Great had thrown his life away in despair on the battlefield?

11: The Archers –by DJ Tyrer
After the crippling devastation of WWIII, Britain chooses to rebuild by looking toward the past.

12: Ave, Caesarion –by Deborah L. Davitt
When Julius Caesar lies dying of old age, his son by Cleopatra, Caesarion, must shoulder the burdens of Empire.

13: Timeshift without an Arc -by Martin T. Ingham
Stranded in a primitive future, temporal agents seek to uncover how their history has been altered, and to thwart a time meddler wreaking havoc in the past.

14: A Rare Chance at the Enemy –by Mark Mellon
Spring 1806: The English whale confronts the French elephant with no practical way for either one to destroy the other. Or is there?

15: Shaken, Shot, and Stirred –by Ryan McCall
When France turns Communist after WWII, a British spy finds himself in hot water after a botched operation, and must answer to the Director of Naval Intelligence, Ian Fleming.

16: The Fire Tulips –by Mike Jansen
The Dutch must defend their Mediterranean trade with the most feared artillery, as the Ottomans press a heated trade war.

17: Voyage –by Murray Braun
A marrano admiral, commissioned by Spain's king and queen to sail to India in 1492, is assisted by both ghostly and adept human crew.

18: The Forbidden Fuel –by Sergio Palumbo
Bristol, UK 1891: the Detective son of a dead inventor investigates the disappearances of homeless and poor people, but the truth poses a dire threat for those responsible, and for himself.

19: Megali Hellas –by Ryan McCall
How would a political shift in Greece have impacted the rise of Mussolini in Italy?

20: The Battle of Tim Hortons —by Bruno Lombardi & Ben Prewitt
When World War III breaks out in the 1980's, mayhem ensues with a ragtag band of Canadian soldiers fighting in Europe.

21: That'll Be the Day –by Michael McAndrews Bailey
A UN official from the United Arab Republics beholds a desolate Germany, crippled by war and occupation, nearly 200 years after World War III.

Cover art by Denise Roos
Check out more of her work at

Check out our AE Writer Interviews
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Martinus Publishing's Author Spotlight Series!
A series of single-author e-book collections, Martinus Publishing's new Author Spotlight series will feature some of MP's favorite writers, including a mix of brand new and reprinted tales. Get some of the best short stories from select authors, and keep an eye out for future installments.

Author Spotlight Series #1:
Escapist Garbage
-by Martin T. Ingham
Order it Here!

Featuring 7 tantalizing tales of science fiction and fantasy:

1: The Long Hunt
Prisoner of war Warren Caruso plays a deadly game of cat and mouse with alien captors who wish to train themselves against human prey.

2: The Killing of Yesterday
A murderer preys upon the past, and Temporal Agent Jack Baker must uncover his identity before the future is rewritten forever.

3: A Bridge Too Near (Read It Here)
What fame awaits the legendary hero who slays the notorious troll of Bannocksburg bridge?

4: Vendetta's End
Pirates of an alien sea seek the ultimate prize, a cyborg's head, and with it a means to escape to the stars!

5: A Dwarf at High Noon
The introduction to Martin T. Ingham's "West of the Warlock" book series, dwarven gunslinger Boron "Ron" Grimes comes to the wild west town of Selwood, Nevada, in search of the half-elf who murdered his brother. His only obstacle to avenging his kin lies in the form of the local sheriff, James Doliber, a certified Warlock with a mandate to uphold law and order, while seeking justice all the same.

6: .405
From Martin T. Ingham's "Rogue Investigations" book, John Rage receives a clue to his heritage that leads him to the remote town of Icewater Springs, Alaska. Paired with his recent investigative partner, Amanda Alfaro, Rage will uncover a mystery beyond imagining frozen in the Arctic ice, and learning the truth about his grandfather will threaten to make him a permanent resident of the glacier!

7: Where Once My Heart Has Traveled
Max Colwell wakes up one morning to find himself on an alien world, in a refugee camp populated with human beings from a wide span of Earth's history... and it's future. Yet, what is the meaning of this strange collection of humanity, and what does it portend?

Author Spotlight Series #2:
Our Heroes Through Tomorrow -by Dan Gainor
Order Here Right Now!

Heroes are the people we all dream of being. Whether it’s a teenaged boy in West Texas caught in a war, a billionaire intent on saving the spirit of his nation, or a starship captain hundreds of light years from earth, they all want to be the best people they can.

This book is dedicated to those who have to make those monumental choices and perhaps the ultimate sacrifice. Nationally recognized media critic and writer Dan Gainor has woven tales of alternate history, time travel, aliens, zombies, space epics, and war into a collection any lover of classic sci-fi should love.

Enjoy six scintillating stories from a modern master of speculative fiction:

1: Unintended Consequences
In a future where nuclear weapons no longer function, conventional warfare rears its ugly head as America becomes the target of a hostile invasion, and a young computer wiz finds himself in the thick of the fight.

~Read the beginning of this story for free!~

2: We The People
A billionaire rancher seeks to rekindle the spirit of America... by cloning the Founding Fathers!

3: Soul Tracker
A science-fiction epic of alien worlds, conjoined souls, and one man's quest to become the ultimate warrior.

4: Original Sin
College students set out on a quest to prove that time travel is possible, only to find themselves stranded in an all too familiar past, with a crucial decision to make about altering fate.

5: Just Desserts
Aliens seek to neutralize the "human threat" through a virus that makes "zombies" all too real... only, what will be the true consequence of this bio-warfare?

6: Drawing A Line
In a future where humanity is conquered and fragmented amidst the stars, the last soldiers must hold the line between warrior and pirate as they struggle to fight for freedom and survival.

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Check out the opening pages of
Original Sin

Ivan watched as Prof. Daltry handed out the project grades. He got an “A” again. Lian, who sat nearby, mocked him humorously. “Come on, Ivan, do something really significant. Try getting a B+.” Even the professor laughed at that.

Ivan just got to thinking instead.


“Quit whining and deal the cards,” said Julian.

“Hear me out for a second.”

The five friends stared at Ivan and smiled. They actually liked it when he went on his rants. He had earned the nickname “Sheldon” for his persnickety ways and for his massive math brain, reminiscent of “Big Bang” character Sheldon Cooper. Thankfully, he didn’t embrace that level of crazy–most days.

“All I’m saying is that being a ‘SEP’ should mean something, not just getting a place to hang out, play videogames and drink beer,” explained Ivan. He smiled and took a long pull from a Corona. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

He got the chuckle he wanted to lighten the mood just a bit. “This honor was created for us to be more than we are, not just have a bunch of smart students make friends for later in life. Mahoney wanted more than that. Besides, we’re coming up on the 25th anniversary; it’s about time we did something important.”

The group sat in the Remington brick row house of the Society of Enoch Pratt, named after a famed Baltimore philanthropist who had established the city’s free libraries. They weren’t really a formal society and they weren’t one of Johns Hopkins University’s 16 frats and sororities, either.

The group had been founded by a brilliant inventor named John “Jack” Mahoney who graduated in 1974 and made millions creating medical devices. Mahoney always wanted to promote the braininess of his beloved alma mater. So he created the group and helped choose the first year’s honorees. Each year after, the group itself picked new candidates—or not. In 1992, no freshmen were deemed worthy.

The only requirement wasn’t good grades or extracurriculars. It was being smart. There were 11 SEPs enjoying the House That Jack Built, as they called their home away from home.

“OK, I’m game. What do you have in mind,” said Jene Dearman, one of three female SEPs and the only one of those who liked poker.

Ivan shrugged and began to deal. “I don’t know… yet.”


Julian Jones, or “J-squared” as the SEPs called him, was playing Grand Theft Auto on the 70” flat screen in the game room when he heard Ivan yelling. Ivan was impossible to ignore when he got like this. Julian saved the game and headed into the “debate” room where most of the SEPs usually hung out.

Ivan and Jene were there. It seemed like they always were, despite the 4.0s that claimed otherwise. The engineering brain Pete Thistlewhite was downing some nachos. The group’s lone non-science Mensa-ite Odetta Hinton, who had a talent for words none of the others could match, was reading as usual. She even put down the Russian novel she was devouring.

Ivan waited for J-squared to sit down and then handed out copies of what looked like a new journal article.

“You’re giving me science homework?” Odetta laughed.

“Not exactly. It’s an idea.”

The others just glanced at the article and waited for Ivan to keep talking. Pete jumped in. “Why do we care about what Prof. Raul Orlandi has to say about…” He left a long pause and added, “time travel?”

“Look at the last page. Prof. Orlandi is from MIT. You know how much Mahoney hates MIT for rejecting him. All we have to do for our project is prove Orlandi wrong.”

“But he wrote that time travel is impossible,” said Jene, flipping quickly through the pages.

“Precisely. We just have to prove time travel exists.”

Read the Rest:
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We Were Heroes
A Super-Powered Anthology

Released February 29, 2016

What happens when superheroes get old? Do they take it with grace, or do they rage against the dying of the light? Do they get crotchety or start waxing poetically of the good old days? Do they ever beat their lifelong nemesis, or do they continue to duke it out in the nursing home? These are questions We Were Heroes dares to explore!

We Were Heroes is a collection all about super-powered individuals in their waning years. Retired crime-fighters with special talents and technology, crusading vigilantes who find their bodies failing, and old warriors passing the torch to the next generation; this anthology will show us what life is like for these people as they get old. Go beyond their heyday, and see what these legendary heroes will become.

Learn about the contributing authors and their stories with our INTERVIEW SERIES at the Editor's blog.

Featuring the following stories:
Faded Instincts -by Chris Allinotte
The Absence of Heat -by Karl G. Rich Read It Here!
Return of the Star Squad –by John Grey
Doctor Genocide and the Five Stages of Grief –by J.M. Perkins
Mr. Cuddles –by Bruno Lombardi
Her Game –by John Vicary
The Deadly Duo –by T.L. Barrett
Everything Breaks Down, Even The Jackhammer -by T. Mike McCurley
The Exile –by Gary Budgen
Where We End Up –by Robin Brown
To Fight The Unbeatable –by Wayland Smith
Night Terror –by Frank Byrns
Forgotten But Not Gone –by T. Mike McCurley
In the Shadow of the Greatest Superhero Who Ever Lived –by Tzipur Sheker
Dial "C" For Consultant –by Doug Lane
Poetic Justice -by Edmund Wells
Woman, Thy Name Is Hell –by Edmund Wells
A Helping Hand -by Dan Gainor

*Cover art by Yakir Ben Haim

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$12.00 with free shipping in the USA!
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The Temporal Element II
More Amazing Time Travel Adventures!

Released September 30, 2015

The secret of time travel continues to elude the brightest minds of our time, yet the dream of traversing the natural boundaries of linear existence persists. Tales of these fantastic adventures continue to stir the imagination, and propel us into different realms, of the past as it once was, or the future as it could be. What sort of mayhem could a time traveler inflict upon history... or the world beyond tomorrow?

The Temporal Element II brings us more thrilling tales of time travel adventure, of people from various time periods visiting their past, or their future, in various ways. Where will they come from, and who will they be?

Order Your Print Copy Today:

$12 with shipping included in the USA

Kindle Version:

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Featuring the following stories:
1: The Fermi Paradox as Applied to the Question of Time Travel –by Michael Kellar
2: Original Sin –by Dan Gainor
3: This Will Change Your Life –by Lauren A. Forry
4: My Melanie –by Alex J. Stevens
5: Once More Unto The Breech –by Bruno Lombardi
6: Change of Life –by Diane Arrelle
7: Ensuring Lincoln's Death –by Jeff Provine
8: Desert Night –by Nina Longfield
9: Timandra –by Mark Olivares
10: Run, Ike, Run –by Rocky Hutson
11: Scream Quietly –by Sheila Crosby
12: The Arc –by Joe Adams
13: The Gate of Clouds –by Mark F. Bailey
14: Van Winkle's Troll –by SMNilsen
15: Schrodinger's Cat's Time Machine –by Kent Swarts
16: Strange Land –by Benjamin Cooper
17: One Hallowe'en –by DJ Tyrer
18: Unintended Consequences –by Michael Siciliano
19: Sixth Planet-by Martin T. Ingham

Cover art by Anastasia Karasyova.

Altered America
Alternate History... Forgotten Possibilities!

What if fate had turned out differently in these United States?

What if the Louisiana Purchase never happened?
What if George Washington had been a Loyalist?
What if a billionaire cloned the Founding Fathers?
What if the Vikings had settled North America?
What if the Apollo 11 moon landing had failed?

These and many other scenarios are explored in Altered America!

#1 in "Alternative History" on Amazon Kindle, April 21-23, 2014!

Nook Version

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Released March 31, 2014!
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Only $12.50
+Free Shipping in the USA!

Kindle Edition

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Table of Contents:

Rio Grande –by Jackson Kuhl (Read It Here!)
Lorenzo seeks vengeance against the crooked card shark who wronged him, and his quest leads him to the independent nation of Rio Grande.

We The People –by Dan Gainor
A billionaire rancher seeks to rekindle the spirit of America... by cloning the Founding Fathers!

A Single Decision –by Bruno Lombardi
The ultimate sacrifice is asked of a young fighter pilot on 9/11/2001, with lasting repercussions.

What If... The Louisiana Purchase Never Happened –by Edmund Wells
Tensions abound amongst the many North American countries, even as John F. Kennedy is elected president of United New England.

The Orthogonian –by Sam Kepfield
The fate of relations between the United States and USSR hangs in the balance, and FBI Assistant Director Richard Nixon must make a historic decision.

Revolution 1865 –by Brad Hafford
Allan Pinkerton investigates revolutionary groups in the American colonies for His Majesty, Prince Edward.

Ship of Souls –by Erik Bundy
The fate of a Norse colony near Croatan lands lies in the hands of a young witch.

End of the Rainbow –by Dusty Wallace
An ancient conflict between Leprechauns and Elves reaches its climax in modern day America.

The Loyalist Washington –by Owen Morgan (Read It Here!)
Given a commission with the Royal Army, Colonel George Washington must snuff the seeds of rebellion in America.

Guns of the Green Mountains –by Ryan McCall
As the Redcoats are recapturing America in 1802, soldiers in the Free Republic of Vermont continue the fight for independence.

The Shining Path –by Jason Sharp (Read It Here!)
A jaded reporter rediscovers his purpose in US-occupied Quebec during the 1970's.

The Union Forever –by Sean Menken
Northern patriots plot rebellion after Maryland votes to join the Confederacy.

Goodbye, Norma Jean –by William R.D. Wood
As the bombs fall, JFK mistress Marilyn Monroe awaits the return of her knight in shining armor.

Wild Blue –by Jeff Provine
Balloon couriers brave the treacherous skies over North America during the 1850’s.

Avoid Seeing A Mouse –by James S. Dorr
A great evil of ancient Egypt comes forth to plague the country leading up to Y2K.

Thomas Edison Visits Selwood –by Martin T. Ingham
Nevada 1882: In a world where magic merges with history, famed innovator Thomas Edison comes to the town of Selwood to showcase his inventions, only not everyone is pleased by his technological progress.

Divided States of America –by Lauren A. Forry
In a balkanized, war-torn America, a young soldier tries to make her way to neutral territory, only to befriend a BBC reporter with a price on her head.

A Girl’s Best Friend –by Cyrus P. Underwood
A candid interview with Marilyn Monroe at age 86.

The Lights on Broadway –by Charles Wilcox
Thomas Spinnaker gets more than he bargained for when he applies for a job with the power company in 1903.

The Black Blizzard –by Philip Overby
During the Great Depression, a half-baked scheme to sell a Minotaur ends badly for two brothers, as an unnatural storm stirs.

The Road Was Lit With Moon and Star –by Bruno Lombardi
The Apollo 11 moon landing has failed, resulting in the deaths of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. Now, David Daniel Thomas Patton must complete the mission, and take that one small step...

A Space Pirate Anthology

Ahoy, matey! Space be a realm of riches, just waiting to be plundered! There be rights and wrongs to be righted and wronged, and thems that sail the skies of tomorrow waving the jolly roger (or some alien equivalent). Yarr be full of tales of these space buccaneers, outlaw souls who roam the spaceways seeking wealth, blood, and freedom in many forms... and lusty pirate wenches! Be readin' ye these tales to thrill and chill, lest ye be forced to walk the star-plank!

Now Available!
Order Today:

$12 +Free Shipping in the USA.

Kindle Edition
Click Here!

Featuring 17 excellent space adventures!

1: La Belle Dame Sans Merci –by Nye Joell Hardy
2: Drawing A Line –by Dan Gainor
3: Impunity –by Sophie Duncum & William Rade
4: Space Pigs –by Katie Tillwick
5: X Marks the Planet –by DJ Tyrer
6: Back from the Dead Red –by Lizz-Ayn Shaarawi
7: Demise of the Star Queen –by Frank Sawielijew
8: Milt's Last Raid –by Jordan Legg
9: When The Devil Drives –by Vincent Morgan
10: Vendetta's End –by Martin T. Ingham
11: Dusties –by Jeff Provine
12: The Daring Spacers –by Sergio Palumbo
13: Far, Far from Now –by Curtis James McConnell
14: The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter –by Mary Pletsch
15: Dear Madeline –by Joseph Conat
16: The Harrowing Account of the Untimely Death of Bandit McGee, Space Thief Extraordinaire –by Fable Vayne
17: For the Times They Are A-Changin' –By Bruno Lombardi

Cover art by Tito Miranda.

To Hell with Dante!
~A Cynical Afterlife Anthology~

Go to Hell and other realms of the afterlife with 21 tantalizing tales.

Since the dawn of time, mankind has held beliefs about the afterlife, and many people today have a profound belief in Hell, a dark place where the wicked and wrongdoers are punished for their crimes in this life. While it is often a very serious subject, in this anthology we present some stories that look at it with a bit of fantasy and humor.

From evil men getting what they deserve, to super-villains facing their fate, and your run-of-the-mill demon facing the day, To Hell with Dante features cynical stories about the dark side of the afterlife.

Reserve judgment, stretch your preconceptions, and explore the wacky world of the damned!

Out Of Print
Retired July 31, 2016!

Table of Contents:

1:Woman, Thy Name Is Hell –by Edmund Wells
When super-villain Orion the Hunter finds himself in Hell, a legal scheme is hatched to thwart his arch rival Poetic Justice and his would-be lover Cassandra.

Beelze-Bubba –by Sonny Zae (Read It Here!)
Satan’s illegitimate redneck son comes home to roost, and finding him a job turns out to be a bit problematic.

A Guilty Man –by Shawn Cook
A serial killer gets away with murder, only to find himself in a living Hell.

The Grey Box –by Lizz-Ayn Shaarawi
Who is she? Where did she come from? Why is she imprisoned? Such questions plague the young woman trapped alone and in utter boredom within the grey box.

A Company of Deaths –by Bruno Lombardi
When mankind begins colonizing the stars, Death must find assistants to handle the workload across the light-years.

Paradise for Purgatory –by Jeff Poole
If a demon offered you a magic pen capable of writing your greatest stories for you, would you take it?

Gravedigger –by Jeff Provine
An old gravedigger uncovers a way into the underworld, and runs afoul of a most peculiar and unlikely band of damned souls.

Everybody Goes to Heaven, and Then... –by Karl G. Rich
A British Army Lieutenant is given a choice of afterlife; only, which one is truly Heaven and which one is Hell?

Fangirl, Rip, and the Devil’s Daughter –by David Perlmutter
An unlikely pair of teenage girls must thwart the romantic interests of Satan’s daughter.

The Early Shift –by Colin Fisher
“Will you accept a call from 1200?” A demon’s work is never done.

The Seventh Day –by Patrick J. Hurley
Accidentally sent to Hell while still alive, a wife killer discovers a wondrous world of joy... until the seventh day comes.

Second Coming –by Laura Sheridan
Demons ruminate about their future prospects and the fate of humanity while on the job.

Believing for a Reason –by Diane Arrelle
After death, Matilda Davis’ spirit is trapped, attached to her ashes, forced to watch her husband and her world move on without her, even as her hatred builds.

The Trees –by Alex J. Stevens
What dreaded fate awaits two Nazis after death?

The Departed That Chained The Ring –by Melissa Osburn
Hell with a view, and eclectic company.

Rendezvous –by Bruno Lombardi
Worldly meddling by angelic forces holds unintended consequences, and demands terrible retribution.

Alone and In Debt –by Frances Gideon
What happens in a world where the devil owns the financial system and you can mortgage your soul?

Tartarus Tavern –by Erik Storey
The line into Hell is a long one, and you never know who you’re going to meet.

Arabesque –by Ed Ahern
Meditation brings one man to untold revelations about the true nature of life and death.

The Ride –by Shawn Cook
A simple bus ride delivers one serial killer to an unexpected destination.

The Kingdom of Heaven –by James Hartley
The distinctions between Heaven and Hell blur, as the true and terrible nature of faith is revealed.

With interior sketches by Julia Lee
Cover art by Yelyzaveta Trygubova

The Man Who Shot Thomas Edison
A West of the Warlock Novel
-by Martin T. Ingham

Magic and technology battle for supremacy in the Wild West, and dark forces seek to exploit that rivalry to the detriment of society in this third installment of Ingham's "Fantasy Western" series!

Nevada 1882: At a time when modern technology is battling against magic and mysticism for supremacy over everyday life, famed innovator Thomas Edison comes to the burgeoning western town of Selwood to visit an old friend and showcase his inventions. His appearance stirs mixed emotions, as there are those who would see Edison’s genius extinguished for their own power and profit... and so the shot is taken!

Amidst this chaos, elven deputy Joella Talus finds herself confronted with a family crisis of epic proportions—her little sister's fate hangs in the balance as Mactus Sellius enacts a twisted endgame for personal prestige and petty revenge!

Meanwhile, the shooting of Thomas Edison brings Selwood to the breaking point, leaving warlock sheriff James Doliber and his dwarven deputy Ron Grimes at odds with two warring sides: magic versus anti-magic, both hell-bent on annihilating the other. It seems a new Civil War is brewing, yet beneath the surface lies the apparent cause for hostilities—a ex-Confederate sorcerer with questionable motives and allegiances. To survive the fracas, the lawmen of Selwood must fight to heal the rift between both factions, while uncovering the true intentions of those who would turn brother against brother in America.

Read the first 2 chapters for free:

Released August 1, 2014!
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Kindle Edition

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Life of the Dead
A Science-Fictional Look at Zombies, Ghouls, and the Deadly Departed!

Amidst frightening tales of terror, there lie hidden questions:

What does it feel like to be dead?
What motivates undead beings to do what they do?
What is the scientific rationale behind their existence?
Why do they always seem so hungry, and seek the flesh of the living?

Explore the lesser-told stories of zombies and other undead individuals. Go beyond the horror and discover the true nature of people risen from the grave!

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Table of Contents:

1: Living Ever After -by Emily Swaim
When the plague of death infects humanity, Evelyn Lifor fights for a cure, but not everyone wants to be cured.

2: Last Request –by Edmund Wells
An undead comedian runs afoul of angry country folk, and has one last shot at the spotlight.

3: Stiffed –by Ken MacGregor and Kerry G.S. Lipp
Jason wakes up dead, but for how long?

4: Death Insurance –by L. Rigdon
After a fatal accident, Samuel Hinkley finds that his death insurance premium has been misplaced by computer error, forcing him to wade through a sea of bureaucracy to claim his rightful rest.

5: The Future –by Mark Olivares
Amidst the zombie apocalypse, there lurks a new sort of hunter.

6: Tickity-Tock –by Joseph Conat (Read It Here!)
Detectives are on the hunt for a criminal intent on utilizing zombies as a deadly weapon.

7: Girls Gone Dead –by James S. Dorr
Undead models make for modest profit for this professional photographer.

8: And Then There Were None –by Karl G. Rich
Years beyond the zombie wars, a top-secret research group hunts for answers amidst the Siberian permafrost.

9: Cure –by Jay Wilburn
To defeat the zombie menace, great sacrifices must be made, and the cure could be a deadly one!

10: The Miracle of Death –by Edmund Wells
When an eccentric old doctor promises the story of a lifetime, one ambitious young reporter seeks to make a name for herself.

11: Zombie Zoo –by Tim Mucci
On a distant colony world, the remnants of the great zombie plague remain as a fading attraction to space-faring tourists.

12: The Shombie Apocalypse –by Neal Wooten
Questions and controversy plague a society where only women are affected by the zombie affliction.

13: Dead Thoughts –by Ross Baxter
A legendary crime boss hires a college student to perform a controversial experiment on his zombified daughter—to unlock her dead thoughts!

14: Z1 –by JL Mo
The Sauntess race came to Earth with the promise of peace, only to infect mankind with a deadly virus, one they are desperate to cure.

15: Just Another Friday Night –by David Greske
A macabre ensemble gathers for drinks and poker at the local cemetery.

16: The Quantum Dead –by Larry Hinkle
Theoretical physics plays a role in explaining the lives and motivations of the undead.

17: Dread Man Walking –by Barry Rosenberg
Cursed with a horrible disease, one scientist develops a lethal cure for himself.

18: Beau –by Lauren A. Forry Read It Here!
What happens to man's best friend when the zombie apocalypse strikes?

19: Soul Tracker –by Dan Gainor
A science-fiction epic of alien worlds, conjoined souls, and one man's quest to become the ultimate warrior.

Snake Oil
A Novel by Bruno Lombardi

“We have a business proposal to offer you,” said the alien ambassador to the US president.

When the first aliens come to Earth, it is not with altruism or malicious intent, but with profit in mind. Their arrival presents great opportunities for humanity, with the offer of miracle cures and advanced technology... for the right price! What will a nation pay for exclusive rights to end cancer, or to possess the first interstellar spaceship? Only mining rights to the moon, or perhaps a few metric tons of gold—as a good faith deposit. Bids run fast and furiously among many industrialized nations, but not everyone is invited to participate, seeding greater global tensions.

As the nations of the planet sell the solar system’s resources for a shot at tomorrow, there remain those few individuals with suspicions, but still others with almost religious devotion toward “the Visitors.” Stuck in the middle is Michael Baldwin, Special Assistant Advisor to the President for Alien/Human Policy Affairs. Sometimes feeling in over his head, he is afforded opportunities few humans could have ever dreamed of, but at what price? The answer will lead him to the truth of Earth’s alien benefactors, and an unlikely meeting of madmen at the crux of a madcap investigation.

Snake Oil is a cynical sci-fi story of humanity’s First Contact with an alien race. Full of comic relief and zany characters, it is a compelling exploration of what could happen if Earth’s first alien visitors turn out to be a bit more like us, after all.

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Veterans of the Future Wars
No Longer Available

A daring admiral seeking to save Earth's last colony ship from religious fanatics...
A colonel with a heavy heart facing down an alien invasion...
A temporally-displaced sergeant seeking to rekindle freedom in the 31st century...

These are the stories of the Future Wars, and the Veterans who fight them. Within these pages lie tales of valor, of brave men and women standing their ground and serving their country in the world beyond tomorrow.

“The following collection is dedicated the men and women of the United States Armed Forces, and allied soldiers across the globe. Without their selfless sacrifice and valiant service, our lives and liberty would be little more than a forbidden dream.”

It's military sci-fi about veterans, to honor veterans, and several of these stories were written by actual veterans. Read these tales to share in the adventure, the triumphs and tragedies, and if you like your freedom thank those who have served to protect it.

Stories included:

Flight Deck -by Dan Gainor
Antediluvian Elves from another dimension call on the United States for aid in a precarious military conflict.

The Bridge -by Pete Aldin (Read It Here!)
In a post-apocalyptic world, a chance encounter creates an unlikely friendship between two old soldiers.

The Last Admiral -by Ted Blasche (Read It Here!)
As religious fanatics threaten to destroy human civilization, Admiral Heisner Bartock must save the last deep-space colony ship, or die trying.

The Clowns Are Alright -by Martin T. Ingham
Old soldiers enjoy the peace of retirement... until terrorists strike their carnival!

The Prince Who Went up a Hill -by Dave D'Alessio
Repelling a deadly coup on a distant planet, one young prince must prove his worth in battle.

Prophet of Steel -by Alex J. Stevens
Stranded in deep space, Lieutenant Rich Alvessey fights to restore his ship’s systems, while questioning the shocking religious precepts of the vessel’s AI.

Conversations with Monsters -by Joseph Conat
Haunting interviews with retired Space Marines; “monsters” who have been made into the perfect fighting machines for United Earth.

Divine Protocol -by Neal Wooten
As an alien army seeks to rob the Earth of its minerals, Colonel Sheldon Parrish leads a daring counterstrike.

I Am Drone -by Karl G. Rich
When a critical political figure is taken prisoner in Russia, a human weapon of mass destruction is sent to the rescue.

Ayema's Fleet -by Therese Arkenberg
Port Warden Ayema Reece loves nothing more than her beautiful starships. Dare she turn traitor to save them?

The Saint -by David W. Landrum
Guardian Laurissa Culdoon must use all of her unique skills to capture a modern day Joan of Arc, before religious uprising can tear the Terran Alliance apart.

The Advanced Ward -by Michael Janairo
At the insistence of his mother, Ximo is tasked to interview an old veteran for a school report... even as he dreams of his absent father fighting with the Galactic Federation Peace Forces.

The Last and the Least -by Mary Pletsch
Fueled by regret, a young misfit fights to avenge her fallen shipmates by becoming “the best she can be” on the battlefield.

Lay Down My Sword -by Sam Kepfield
Rescued from a lethal battlefield, combat android 2512 is taught a new meaning for his existence.

Tour of Duty -by Edmund Wells
With only a haphazard collection of androids at his command, Captain Caleb Knight must fend off the vanguard of an alien invasion hell-bent on capturing the Iapetus outpost—and beyond that, Earth!

The Patriot Awakened -by Martin T. Ingham
Noah is content to be a loyal serf to his feudal masters, until Sergeant Davis shows him the spirit of the American Revolution.

The Best of Martinus Publishing 2013

A collection of select stories from Martinus Publishing books released in 2013... and at a special price!

Stories included are:

A Thursday Night at Doctor What's Time & Relative Dimensional Space Bar & Grill –by Bruno Lombardi
Kindle Edition

Only 99 Cents!

Quest through the Ages –by JL Mo (Read It Here)
Poetic Justice –by Edmund Wells
Wipeout –by A.C. Hall
Hooked on Questing –by Gerald Costlow (Read It here)
Abducted –by Shawn Cook
The Long View –by William R.D. Wood (Read It Here)
Into the Thick of It –by Martin T. Ingham
The Vendetta Ride –by Martin T. Ingham
Doing Time –by Barbara Austin (Read It Here)
Life or Death –by Stacey Jaine McIntosh
Curse of the Bottle –by Nye Joell Hardy (Read It Here)
I'll Come Back for You –by A. C. Hall (Read It Here)
There's an App for That –by Chris Allinotte
Odin's Spear –by Susan A. Royal
AMR-17 –by Edmund Wells
Burn It Up, Burn It Down –by Philip Overby
But I Know We'll Meet Again Some Sunny Day –by Lauren A. Forry (Read It here)

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Quests, Curses, and Vengeance!
A Martinus Fantasy & Sci-Fi Anthology

A triple-threat of fantasy & sci-fi:

The Quest:
Journeys of discovery, the search for lost treasure, legendary artifacts, and unanswered riddles of the ages.

From magical hexes to personal misfortune, see how people deal with the worst curses of their lives.

Is it a dish best served cold, or one as hot as the fires of Hell? Is it righteous, or wicked? The answer lies with these exacting tales of revenge!

No Longer Available!
Out of Print.
Retired February 2016

Print Version

Table of Contents:
~The Quest~

1: Burn It Up, Burn It Down –by Philip Overby
It's a hard life being a mean dragon, especially when you're trying to find the "chosen one."

2: Quest through the Ages –by J. L. Mo (Read It Here)
From caveman to modern-day hero, Slayer quests for the meaning of it all.

3: Hooked on Questing –by Gerald Costlow (Read It Here)
Where can a minor Greek goddess turn when she needs a legendary artifact retrieved? Call on Bertram, wizard for hire.

4: El Dorado –by Mel Obedoza
The secret to a legendary city of gold lies with an enigmatic young lady.

5: Project Hellguard –by A.C. Hall
An ostracized reporter seeks to vindicate himself by uncovering proof of a secret Nazi scheme.

6: Life or Death –by Stacey Jaine McIntosh
Before Briseis the Fey can live, she must find her death.

7: Odin's Spear –by Susan A. Royal
Taking on a job to retrieve a legendary artifact, a private eye finds himself in the middle of an ancient Viking funeral.

8: A Bridge Too Near –by Martin T. Ingham(Read It Here)
What fame awaits the legendary hero who slays the notorious troll of Bannocksburg bridge?

9: Ashes to Ashes –by Shawn Cook
The last man on Earth quests to survive, and uncover the truth behind the world's downfall.

10: More Precious than Rubies –by Chris Allinotte
To satisfy their quest-hungry king, a famed hero and a local blacksmith team up to recover a fabricated treasure of uncanny value.

11: All That Glitters –by Edmund Wells
An epic quest for lost treasure leads Bladeor through a mystical gauntlet of tricks and riddles.


12: Sometimes You Get the Curse, Sometimes the Curse Gets... –by Karl G. Rich (Read It Here)
(The Kilted Avenger, Part 1)
Disgruntled Confederate veteran Artur Pendrago seeks vengeance against President Grant, only to find himself cursed by a sorceress and assigned an insurmountable task beyond belief.

13: Family Curse –by Gerald Costlow
To escape servitude, Pel-Ankh puts his mother-in-law in the ground. Only, will she stay there?

14: Wipeout –by A. C. Hall
In a world where evil curses have run rampant, one man struggles to survive the chaos, while his best friend conjures a final solution.

15: Are You Worthy? –by Edmund Wells
The lure of a legendary guitar could prove lethal, and only rock trivia can beat the reaper.

16: Gold Fever –by Bruno Lombardi
An impoverished miner gets more than he bargained for in his quest for wealth during the Canadian gold rush.

17: The Dance of Five Hells –by Philip Overby
To purge an unmentionable curse, Cairo must beat a mummy at his own game... on the dance floor!

18: The Long Night –by Shawn Cook
Street thugs rough up the wrong lady, and karma's a bitch.

19: Curse of the Bottle –by Nye Joell Hardy (Read It Here)
A genie in a bottle offers the chance of a lifetime; to grant 3 curses on whomever his liberator desires.

20: Exiles of Eden –by Stacey Jaine McIntosh
In the beginning there was Lillith, and a demon with a cursed agenda.

21: Curses May Not Be Returned, Refunded, or Exchanged –by Lauren A. Forry
Teenage revenge takes a turn for the worse when one outcast delves into the dark arts.

22: All in a Day's Work –by Karl G. Rich
(The Kilted Avenger, Part 2).
Caught in a sinister trap, Artur Pendrago must solve a riddle of the ages or face the death of the world.


23: Poetic Justice –by Edmund Wells
The final showdown between a super-powered English teacher and his arch-nemesis, a super-villain physics teacher.

24: Abducted –by Shawn Cook
Kidnapped by aliens, one abductee refuses to go quietly.

25: Morríghan –by Stacey Jaine McIntosh
A classic tale of revenge in the epic of King Arthur.

26: Be Careful What You Wish For... –by Mel Obedoza
A brother's quest to avenge his sister's molestation reveals that a larger conspiracy abounds.

27: Ashtown –by A. C. Hall
A firefighter takes on the mantle of his father in fighting supernatural horrors.

28: Red Paint –by Philip Overby (Read It Here!)
In a pacified kingdom where violence and foul language have been outlawed, one old scrapper refuses to play nice.

29: Revenge, Inc. –by Nye Joell Hardy
Want payback against your ex? Seeking revenge for your co-worker's insult? Eager to get back at your political rivals? Then call Revenge, Inc. for all your vengeance needs.

30: But I Know We'll Meet Again Some Sunny Day –by Lauren A. Forry (Read It here)
How many years would you cross to avenge a loved one's death?

31: Digging Up The Past –by Gerald Costlow
A bitter homecoming pits one son against the zombie creations of his necromancer father.

32: Vengeance Is Mine, Sayeth Me –by Karl G. Rich
(The Kilted Avenger, Part 3).
Sweet revenge holds the key to freeing Artur Pendrago from his dreaded predicament at last!

Coming August 2013

The Temporal Element
Time Travel Adventures
Past, Present, & Future!

Since the dawn of the modern era, mankind has dreamed about the possibility of traversing the bounds of linear time, to explore the dark mysteries of pre-history or seek out the wild possibilities of the far future in person. This collection of stories does the next best thing, allowing readers to dream of the possibilities of such a theoretical trip.

The Temporal Element contains stories all about traveling through time, and not in the natural way. From spell-casting wizards, to mad scientists, and government-sanctioned time agencies, here you will find an exceptional selection of stories about people traveling beyond their native time. Explore ancient history, the distant future, and everywhere in between.

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Released April 1, 2013
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Kindle Version

Table of Contents:
1: A Thursday Night at Doctor What’s Time and Relative Dimensional Space Bar and Grill —by Bruno Lombardi
It's a tough job being a time-traveling bartender, especially when people start talking about killing Hitler.

2: Harry and Harry –by Arthur M. Doweyko
To what lengths would you go to save the love of your life? For Harry Simson, the answer is simple: challenge the laws of time itself!

3: The Light Fantastic –by Edmund Wells
What happens when a sci-fi geek steals his father's newly-invented time machine? Only the serpent knows...

4: I'll Come Back for You—by A. C. Hall (Read It Here)
Homicidal kidnappers grab lovers Harold and Beverly off the street, and their only hope for survival is a daring rescue... from the future!

5: Time Heals All—by Paul Lamb
Could saving the life of one child change the course of future history?

6: The Long View—by William R. D. Wood (Read It Here)
Astronauts execute the first time-travel experiments on the Moon, with unforeseen consequences for planet Earth.

7: Back in Time—by Carolyn M. Chang
Given the chance to go back in time, Alissee seeks to save herself from a deadly disease. Can she escape her fate, or will she just make things worse?

8: Brigadooned!—by James Hartley
An unwitting college student becomes ensnared in a temporal experiment that sends him decades into the future every time he falls asleep.

9: A Home More Welcoming—by Tony Laplume
A bitter old scientist reluctantly befriends a remarkable, young pedestrian who seems strangely familiar.

10: The Killing of Yesterday—by Martin T. Ingham
A murderer preys upon the past, and Temporal Agent Jack Baker must uncover his identity before the future is rewritten forever.

11: Temsy—by Robert MacAnthony
Grieving from the loss of his wife and child, Daman Patri takes an experimental drug to relive his fondest memories, only to discover they are more than mere memories!

12: AMR-17—by Edmund Wells
A well-meaning maintenance robot travels back in time to undo an error that destroyed a colony on Jupiter’s moon, Europa. If he could only remember what he did wrong…

13: Doing Time—by Barbara Austin (Read It Here)
A repentant man on death row is given the opportunity of a lifetime, to save his own neck with an alibi in the past. Only, how can he sit idly by while his past self commits murder?

14: One Last Gamble—by Shawn Cook (Read It Here)
A last ditch effort to save the future lies with a young sniper sent back to 1840. Can he hit his mark and save the human race from trans-dimensional annihilation?

15: What Would You Ask Yourself?—by Karl G. Rich
A priest is given a rare glimpse at his own future, and his most terrible sins!

16: The City at the End of Time—by Jeffery Scott Sims
What secrets lie at the end of the universe itself? What people exist there, and what marvels have they built? Grand wizard Jacob Bleek intends to find out.

17: Paradox Lost—by Diane Arrelle
A disinherited man seeks the ultimate revenge against the brother who usurped his position, and a crazy old codger with a time machine offers to help him fulfill it.

18: Extinction—by Steven Gepp
Dare to face down the deadly Tyrannosaurus Rex as it seeks its mate and meets its doom.

19: There's an App for That—by Chris Allinotte
When time-travel is invented, how will one find their way around history? Easy; just reference the Time Traveler's Companion for all the hotspots.

20: Is the Caller There?—by Jon Wesick
What happens when a washed-up tv star makes a phone call to the past? His career could be the least of his problems if he doesn't get to the bottom of it.

21: Application of the Novikov Self-Consistency Conjecture to the Daily Commute of One David Jensen -By Lauren A. Forry
David Jensen was having a pretty bad commute, until a mysterious drink of water sent him spiraling backwards through his own life. What price will he ultimately pay to improve his own circumstances?

West of the Warlock
by Martin T. Ingham
(2nd Edition)

Kindle Version


Print Edition


All is not well in the American West. After killing the half-elf that murdered his brother, the dwarf Boron Grimes finds himself an unwilling deputy in the Nevada town of Selwood. The warlock sheriff, James Doliber, has bigger issues to worry about than his surly new employee, as a mysterious warlock in black has stolen an item of immense power. Doliber seeks answers from the warlock guild, but receives only vague half truths, confirming his fears that something dangerous is amiss, and that could have cataclysmic repercussions for the entire planet.

Deputy Grimes has his own troubles, as the widow of a bandit he's recently gunned down comes calling. Joella is a proud and strong elven woman, but it's not clear what she has in store for the deputy. What is clear is that he'll be coming along, whether he wants to or not.

With their only assistance coming from mysterious new allies, Doliber and Grimes must face down enemies both physical and mystical. Usually, the deputy's Remington revolver and the sheriff's warlock abilities are enough to win any fight, but this time the outcome is uncertain. Defeat means death and destruction, but against a foe that possesses unparalleled abilities, can there be any victory?

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Released 1-30-2013
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The Curse of Selwood
(A West of the Warlock Novel)
by Martin T. Ingham

Print Edition


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Peace is hard fought and short lived in the Wild West. Few know this better than the warlock sheriff James Doliber. Along with his unlikely deputies, the dwarf Boron Grimes and the elf Joella Grimes-Talus, he does what he can to keep the Nevada town of Selwood safe. But a long buried secret is about to come back to haunt Selwood, and with it comes death.

After a brutal massacre, Doliber and his allies have to face down this evil, but how can one face down the unknown? The origins of the creature stalking the desert are unknown, as is the master that directs it to kill. Forgotten truths masquerading as tall tales are their only clues, but will such legends be enough to save them from an unkillable beast?

The unrest in Selwood mirrors that which rages under the surface for its peacekeepers. Doliber struggles with a looming decision that will change his life forever, while Joella continues to hide within her sham marriage so Elvish Clan Law can't force her into a compromising situation. They'll have to conquer evil on all fronts if they wish to see another sunrise, because the curse of Selwood is back, and it demands blood!

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